Studios and Gear

Each Studio is approximately 23 ft. by 17 ft. with 9 ft. ceilings, superior sound isolation, dimmable lighting and comes equipped with the following house gear:

(1) 5-piece drum set with double kick-pedal, high hat, ride, and two crash cymbals

(1) Ampeg PF-500 500W Portaflex Bass Head with instrument and speaker cables
(1) Randall 100W Solid State Guitar Head with instrument and speaker cables

(1) Orange 120W Solid State Guitar Head with instrument and speaker cables

(2) 400W 4×12 Guitar Cabinets (16 OHM)
(1) 400W 4×10 Bass Cabinet (8 OHM)

(1) Full PA System with 12ch Mixer and (2) Powered Two-Way 12″ Speakers
(3) Microphones with mic stands and XLR’s

Equipment and Accessories available on request:

  • Peavey 6505+ 120W Guitar Head (with footswitch)
  • Guitar straps
  • Guitar Strings
  • Picks
  • Drum sticks available as needed.

*Contact TBC if additional gear is needed for your session